Shoot report: Leamington & County

My visit to Leamington & County was a particularly momentous one. It marked Carefree Golf Photography’s first commission, and the weather gods seemed happy to mark the occasion!

We were visiting to deliver a twilight shoot and a short marketing video. It was great to catch up with club manager Bryan Frazer, who I know well from my former life at the GCMA, and I’m delighted to hear that the club was pleased:

Our brief was very simple - make the course look great! Mike arrived at the agreed time and then waited a further 2 hours for light to meet his exacting requirements. We were so pleased with this level of professionalism as the results are stunning without question the best set of images we have ever seen of the course. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carefree Golf Photography to any golf club looking to enhance their profile through stunning photography.

Whilst I love a links that goes straight out and back, there is also something very satisfying about the 1st and 10th tees heading out from the clubhouse as they do at Leamington & County. With four tees and greens around the clubhouse, as well as two putting greens, you get the lovely sense of golf going on all around you.

Bryan’s only instruction was to make sure I captured the par 3 11th - the course’s signature hole. So I made it my first stop, and instantly saw why it was top of his list. A stunning short hole, with towering trees opening up to a green sited in a gorgeous clearing, it would stand out anywhere.

The course is satisfyingly undulating throughout, which lends itself to some dramatic shadows towards the end of the day. 

Despite lots of holes running alongside one another, you never feel on top of anybody else, and the far end of the course, in particular, feels nicely isolated. This guy was certainly enjoying some twilight solitude!

The course is on relatively high ground, and it feels like the trees have been sensibly managed to ensure that the evening light penetrates as much of the course as possible, leading to some absolutely wonderful sunset scenes. 

Golf course photography doesn’t feel like a job on nights like this, and I’m resisting being lulled into a false sense of security that every shoot falls into place. However, sometimes it’s hard not to think that the stars have aligned for you. I reached the par 3 17th at about 9pm, just as the sun was about to disappear behind the trees. 

I had to wait for a group to clear the green, and was worried I’d missed the last light on that hole. I needn’t have panicked - and I owe the course manager one - as the hole was cut in the perfect spot for the remaining sliver of light. 

After whizzing up 18, I thought I’d head back out for one more sweep of the course, and was rewarded with this scene back down the 1st. I’m sure plenty of gloomy skies await, but Leamington & County will always be special to Carefree Golf Photography.

by Mike Hyde